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Performing in Berkeley with Grosse Abfahrt (photo by Michael Zelner)


“Tom Djll has been making thoughtful, elegant music for nearly 30 years and has taken the trumpet as far beyond its silver, snarling vernacular as it is possible to go, and as far from the extended technique proponents as Bill Dixon is from Roy Castle. ” – The Wire




Current and recent projects include:

Beauty School with Jacob Felix Heule and Matt Chandler
Tender Buttons with Tania Chen and Gino Robair
ill wind
with Kyle Bruckmann and John McCowen
with Jordan Glenn and Tim Perkis
Runcible Spoon Fight
 with Clarke Robinson
Grosse Abfahrt with Gino Robair, Tim Perkis, John Shiurba, Matt Ingalls + guests
hackMIDI – circuit-bent electronics and digital piano sounds
Quartet with Tim Perkis, Matt Ingalls and Scott Walton

2015 is all done now. Purely in terms of number of performances, it was my busiest year ever, with an average of over one gig per week, and that was with June and July almost totally inactive. Began a number of new projects — EWE; swarms of electronic and drum pulses, with Jordan Glenn and Tim Perkis; ‘ill wind’; hyperbreath trio of brass, single reed and double reed sounds with Kyle Bruckmann and John McCowen; and a modular electronic duo of the most modern klangflippens with Clarke Robinson, who is also a neighbor (and classy synth panel designer). That project is called Runcible Spoon Fight, after one of my favorite episodes in Gravity’s Rainbow. (I know that is too geeky for words, but who gives a fuck.) Tender Buttons played some great shows, notably at the 14th Outsound Festival in SF on August 1 and at Studio Grand in December, both accompanying the gasket-blowing live video generations/projections of Bill Thibault. Look for us (sans Bill) in Seattle in June 2016! And our vinyl album (as yet unnamed) will be coming out in the spring of 2016. Beauty School toured the Pacific Northwest with gigs in Eugene, Portland, Seattle and Bellingham. That was in the spring. In October we played a very loud set (even for us) at the 19th annual NorCal Noisefest in Sacramento. Anticipate a new album from Beauty School in 2016. Alt-trumpet genius Mazen Kerbaj visited in February, and a subset of Grosse Abfahrt welcomed him at the Center For New Music. Finally, there was quite a lot of film accompaniment activity in the fall of 2015. Joe Lasqo assembled a top-notch group of improvisers for two screenings of the classic Dziga Vertov silent, The Man With the Movie Camera. And Tania Chen and Ben Tinker brought together seven electronic musicians for METROPOLIS, again at the Center for New Music. I expect to see more of this kind of gigging in the new year!

The rest of the story, from 1977 on, can be assembled from the links below.

An alternate history of Djll, from a trumpet’s POV.

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