Europe Tour

I didn’t take this to Europe…

State of the Studio: Serge desk, 2023

Didn’t take all this Eurorack or Bugbrand stuff, either:

And I left the VCS3 with my friend Clarke for safekeeping.

Here’s the rig I toured Europe with. Vienna, Czech Republic (and Slovakia), Germany, Sweden, Norway:

Tram car T3, where our trumpet/electronics quartet QUTRIT played a packed, er, house. Bratislava, Slovakia, just steps from the River Danube, May 13 2024. Taking a picture of me taking a picture is Tassos Tataroglou.

Behind me, Petr Vrba(r) and Axel Dörner(l) were setting up.

Here’s a shot of the quartet doing its thing in Prague. L-R Axel, me, Tassos, Petr (who also organized the whole 5-city tour):

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