SRPD ?      Tom Djll: FAILED ECOSYSTEMS                                 Soul On Rice Prods   2019

OM-?          Tom Djll: Serge Works                                       Other Minds/Modern Hits   2018

(no#)          Tom Djll, William Winant, Camille Emaille: skin tightener      Bandcamp  2017

SM3220      Grosse Abfahrt: Luftschiffeiertagserinnerungfotoalbum, with Frank Gratkowski, Kjell Nordeson, Lisa Mezzacappa, John Bischoff, Phillip Greenlief, Matt Ingalls, Tim Perkis, Gino Robair, John Shiurba. Recorded March 2010.
Setola di Maiale CD   2016

Eh?90         Tom Djll: cassette 19                                                     Eh? Records cassette   2016

BRD 070    Tender Buttons: Forbidden Symmetries                                Rastascan LP   2016

WER-017   Beauty School: Crust Immersed                      Weird Ear Records cassette   2016

?                   Beauty School: Residual Ugly                            Humbler Records cassette   2015

AF0105      Un(t)ravelling Di(a)sparate Terra(p)ins         Fog Music 36 (Aural Films) 2015

(no#)          Tom Djll: HackMIDI                                                                          Bandcamp  2014

EM5007      Grosse Abfahrt: VANITY Octet improvisations with David Chiesa, Mathieu Werchowski, Theresa Wong, + GA regulars. Released by Emanem (UK)                 CD 2009

EM4146      Grosse Abfahrt: everything that disappears Nonet improvisations with Lê Quan Ninh, Frédèric Blondy, John Bishcoff, Matt Ingalls, George Cremaschi, Tim Perkis, Gino Robair, John Shiurba. Recorded March 2007. Released by Emanem (UK)  CD 2008

(no#)          kinda green: electronic improvisations with Tim Perkis                   CDR   2007

CS 065       Grosse Abfahrt: erstes Luftschiffe zu Kalifornien Octet improvisations with Boris Baltshun, Serge Baghdassarians, Chris Brown, Matt Ingalls, Tim Perkis, Gino Robair, John Shiurba. Recorded October 2004.
Released by Creative Sources (Portugal)   CD  2007

SRPD04*    Road Signs; trios with Jack Wright and Bhob Rainey / Tim Feeney
Recorded live in 2002 and 2005                                                                                   CD   2006

SRPD03*    SMUDGE (trumpet into electronics)                                                      CD   2006

SRPD02*    Bellerophone (trumpet solo music)                                                        CD   2006

Artship 33: Blasted Rustbucket (trumpet solo in a locker on an old ship)   3” CDR   2002

SRPD01*    MUTOOTATOR; duos with: William Winant, Myles Boisen, Tom Nunn, Jack Wright, Ron Anderson, Ed Herrmann, Doug Carroll, Hillary Double-D, Fred Lonberg-Holm, Thomas Scandura                                                                                               CD   1993

(*Soul on Rice SRPD recordings are available in the USA at DMG, Squidco, and in Europe at minimamedia)

Recordings as guest artist or VA issues

Andrew Weathers Trio, Guitar Man Whirligig                                               Bandcamp   2018

FEEL THE FREQUENCY: 2015 Norcal Noisefest (Beauty School)           Bandcamp   2015

The New False Gods                                                                                             Bandcamp   2015

Christopher Lee/Ornette Coleman (Beauty School: Leftover Skin)           Bandcamp   2015

Ocean Of Lakes, Bob Marsh/Sabrina Siegel/Bryan Day/Tom Djll      Pan Y Rosas PYR160   2015

inside/outside: rooms, Various artists, Lonely Whistle (Don Campau, ec.)       CD   2014

Ear of The Storm, T. D. Skatchit & Co., Edgetone EDT4132                                   CD   2013

Skatch Surveillance, T. D. Skatchit & Co., Edgetone EDT4126                              CD   2012

SPEZZA ROTO: Tredici Canzoni, Limited Sedition(?)(no#)                                  CD   2006

Wendy Reid, Tree Pieces, Vol. 2, Niente Records ni1419 (Frog Peak Mus.)
(Brassiosaurus performs “Tree Piece #52”)                                                                CD   2005

SIX FUCHS: Wolfgang Fuchs, Matthew Sperry, Gino Robair, Tom Djll, Tim Perkis,
John Shiurba, Rastascan BRD052                                                                                 CD   2005

John Shiurba, TRIPLICATE, SPOOL SPA402                                                            CD   2004

Dan Plonsey, Daniel Popsicle – Music of El Cerrito Vol. 2A,
Unlimited sEdition ULS02                                                                                             CD   2004

Praeface (Track 12: “on the crown” –  duo w/Tim Perkis), Praecd001                  CD 2003

Moe! Staiano’s MOE!KESTRA, Two Forms of Multitudes: Conducted Improvisations, DKM06/PAXpr90261/EdgetoneEDT4021     CD       2003

Jack Wright, 8X9, Limited Sedition LS025 (out of print)                                      CDR  2001

Jack Wright, Signs of Life, Spring Garden Music SGM010                                     CD   2001

Jack Wright, Rattle OK, Spring Garden Music                                                        2CD   2001

VA, Live From the Afterworld (as member of Slusser’s Blowjob: “Tsamiko”),
Electro Motive CPA-018                                                                                               2LP   2000

Chris Brown, Duets, (“Duo”) Artifact ART1016                                                         CD   1996

Wavelength.Infinity, A Sun Ra Tribute, Disk 1 (“There Are Other Worlds (They Have Not Told You Of)”), Rastascan BRD018                                                                            2CD   1995

Chris Brown, Lava, Tzadik TZ7002                                                                              CD   1995

Myles Boisen, Guitarspeak (“See-Through”), Rastascan BRD017                         CD   1994

Chip Handy, Forbidden Music                                                                                       CD   1994

VA, (Y)Earbook, Vol. 3 (“Dream Band”), Rastascan BRD010                                 CD   1993

The Molecules: Steel Toe (“Cheese Spread ‘Em”), Tragic Mule                              CD   1991

VA, ReR Quarterly, Vol. 3 #3  “TOMBO” (+ article)                                                  LP   1991

3rd Seattle Improvised Music Festival, (label unknown)                                cassette   1988

VA, Crazy But Chic “Harsh Blend” (IMC, Belgium) as “Humoresk”           cassette   1986

VA, Insane Music for Insane People, V.17 (IMC, Belgium)                           cassette   1986
http://www.discogs.com/release/740612 as The Philosophers

VA, Crazy But Chic “Soft Blend” (Insane Music Contact, Belgium)            cassette   1986
http://www.discogs.com/release/725296 as “Humoresk”

VA, The Serge Artists’ Tape (published by SMMS company)                      cassette   1983


Self-released CDRs

Tom Djll/VA: Electro-Ecstatic (Mutootator Vol. 2)                                                           2004

Jack Wright/Tom Djll: On the Loose Way Down East                                                      2003

Gino Robair/Chris Brown/Tom Djll: Trio Aurizon                                                            2003

Tom Djll:  Irreferent (trumpet solos)                                                                                    2002

Jack Wright/Scott Looney/Damon Smith/Tom Djll: cayuga                                         2002

Jack Wright/Morgan Guberman/Tom Djll: JAG BLURT GRIND WHELM               2002


Self-published Cassette Recordings*

SRP19         cassette19 (music to listen to sound by)                                         cassette   2016

SRP18         Hillary Double-D: Love Heat Love                                                  cassette   1993

SRP17         The Philosophers: Aliens Are Among Us!                                        cassette   1991

SRP16         The Philosophers: That’s Life.                                                         cassette   1990

SRP15         Circumstances ‘82: Music for Long-Distance Driving               cassette   1989

SRP14         Tom Djll: BOOTSTRAPPING                                                           cassette   1989

SRP12         Ross Rabin.Tom Djll: Ballads & Hoedowns                                  cassette   1988

SRP11         The Philosophers: The world is circular                                        cassette   1988

SRP10         Circumstances: Beyond Our Control                                              cassette   1988

SRP9          Carroll.Rabin.Fergus.Djll: Post-Industrial Tour/GOD               cassette   1987

SRP8          The Philosophers: Too Many Guitars…                                          cassette   1987

SRP7          Ross Rabin.Tom Djll: Air Over Fire                                                cassette   1987

SRP6          Doug Carroll.Tom Djll: Lunar Time                                                cassette   1987

SRP5          Circumstances: Damage before it starts                                          cassette   1987

SRP4          The Philosophers: The Artist Doesn’t Know What He’s Doing! cassette   1986

SRP3          Soul on Rice Manifesto                                                                        cassette   1986

SRP2          Vulneraries: Life is a piece of lumpy cornbread                            cassette   1985

SRP1          Tom Djll: Cook slowly, not to burn cheese                                      cassette   1985


*Many re-collected on private edition CDRs.